Director Name : Raheel Burney

Founded : 02/18/2009

Phone : +44 (208) 5512211

Website :

Email : [email protected]

Working hours : Mon-Fri 09:00AM—6:00PM

Address :   Bourne Court, 4 Southend Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 8HD, UK 

Areas of Law(Practice & Specializations)

Who are Burney Legal?

The firm was established in London in 2009 by Ansar Burney, a world-renowned human rights lawyer. Burney Legal is a firm of solicitors specialising in various aspects in the UK, European and International law.

Burney Legal aims to establish itself as the most reliable and trustworthy lawyer practice within the UK. Like this, they prioritise the quality of their work and customer satisfaction above other aspects. Therefore, it is an issue of pride to Burney Legal that their most significant source of new directions is their former and present clients, who leave them glowing feedback.

Reputation, after all, is everything. Burney Legal has been built over the years. Through helping hundreds of clients resolve their legal issues and establish the company as one that can be relied upon.

Is this Law firm/Solicitor Reputable & trustworthy?

Their clients trust them for essential issues, things that have a significant impact on their business and personal lives. They do this because they are confident that Burney Legal will not let them down due to their long-standing reputation and positive reviews from past clients and their current ones.

Mr.Burney, who previously was an expert advisor of the United National Human Rights Council Advisory Committee for a time which was for three years, is still active in the firm, ensuring that they adhere to the same principles that have been the basis of his achievements and the success.

The attitude of Burney Legal toward its client 

They are a solicitors’ firm that accepts diversity in all its forms and believes that all their clients are equal, without discrimination based on religion, race, or disability.

Suppose you’re the chief executive officer of a major business or an individual who wishes the payment of fees in instalments. In that case, you’ll receive top-quality professional services and more than even Burney Legal’s most prestigious clients.

Social Profiles of Burney Legal

At The End

If you have any legal experience with Burney Legal or you have any comments regarding them please email us at [email protected]


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