Today, every individual when looking for solicitor or a law firm most probably searches on internet, that what law firm or solicitor to choose. To appear up for that search a solicitor needs a proper Seo or Digital Marketing service.  Although If a solicitor tries to do it by themselves they should follow some basic tactics that might help out. 

Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms; can include different strategies, and implementations that can help to attract more real-time clients to a law firm by their website. Ranking in top 3 positions in Serps (such as Google, Bing, Amazon or Yahoo) is really not possible in a day. However, It’s pretty possible to do Seo and get rank In short time. Most people do different things, some go for Google PPC advertisement to get click for search string upon their legal services. Some opt Social Media to increase the leads; & some of them go for organic Seo rankings. We will discuss them gradually. But first we consider most few things like what a user or your client is looking for. 

Things that are Considered when Hiring an Attorney

  • Solicitors Service Region
  • Review by Clients
  • Experience
  • Fees or Cost
  • Will they be Comfortable with Attorney?
  • Specialization
  • If they are recommended by someone 

Well, these were some basic things that any individual keeps in mind when hiring up an attorney; however, these mindsets are going to impact upon a solicitors digital marketing or Seo strategy as well. To cover and fulfil these all mindsets online you must follow these things below:

  1. List Your Law Firm In Google Business
The essential Google Tools for Hoteliers and what you should know –  Hotelier Academy

If a solicitors list down their law firm upon google business listing, it not helps to showcase your area or region of service; but also your contact details and availability schedule as well. If you are owner of the website searcher is redirected to your website as well & gets complete knowledge about your law firm.

  1. Try Getting Reviews Or Testimonials From Your Clients
Testimonial Design by Ahilan on Dribbble

Listing your reviews by past clients would put up a natural and trustworthy impression upon a visitor. It increases your chance getting more leads and makes your reputation better. According to Google E.A.T Algorithm (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) sites that have higher authority among public view or online, having good trust flow (like provides accurate and 100% true facts, data, service, etc) and expert in their field would be shown in top. How to create authority of your law firm, we will discuss in step number 6.

  1. Unique Content
Creating a Unique Selling Proposition that Stands Out

According to Google and Seo experts content is the king. List each and every thing about your law firm, personality, specialization & attitude (as mentioned above to clear the queries of a visitor). Content must be unique and should be parallel with reality of solicitor’s service delivery. Try Putting No Win No Fee Solicitors quote; but make sure you fulfill this up.

Note: Unique content stands up among the million web pages

  1. Stay Active On Social Media
Most Popular Social Media Platforms Around the World - AddThis

Posting regularly and relevantly regarding your attorney or law firm service reflects your active work. Make sure to link your social profiles on your website. It not only promotes your contact method but ease of communication as well.  Most lead generating and engaging platforms that you can utilize are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

According to our analysis & research, after google people look out for their desired results on Facebook & twitter. Law firm seeker can use Facebook to view profiles of the solicitors and get an Impression of solicitor’s work experience, performance & Attitude.

Key Advantage: Not only locals can see your profile but seen by foreigners also.

Why Go For Youtube

Creating content on Yotube regarding your attorney will give a solid overview to your clients; specifically, of personality & behavior. Solicitors can normally make the videos accordingly to their specialization, sort out queries (Solicitor Must Have Consideration About FAQ’s), highlight legal updates or issues.

  1. User Friendly Website
What makes an E-commerce Store user friendly - VAR Sales Management Blog:  News, Tips & Many More By VARStreet

No any law firm can rank up on any search engine’s like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc; If their site structure is not user friendly, website navigation must have easy to way to find something around. Try adding search bar, breadcrumbs and sitemaps to your site. According to google update to get more clicks and visibility in search engine a website must have mobile friendly view; as 70% to 85% users search through mobile view. Make sure loading time is below 5 seconds and doesn’t hangs up while browsing. User friendly website have following requirements:

  • Mobile friendly view
  • Page load speed
  • No Irrelevant redirects
  • Optimized URLs
  • Friendly fonts & theme (Follow
  • Optimized Landing Pages

Suggestion: suggests you to customize your own sites and apps according to modern changes.

  1. Backlinks
SEO Tips: Why Backlinks are Important for Your Small Business

Discussing concept of backlinks can be bit similar to a person who get votes to become the mayor of a city. The candidate who has more votes obviously wins. However, but in backlinks quantity doesn’t matter. Here you have to consider number of quality and relevancy as well. This idea is like a man who keeps relation with 10 constables and a man who have relation with Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.  Among these both who can be considered more authoritative; Here a guy who has relation with commissioner wins up so similar concept is of getting backlinks either you get 10 backlinks from High authority websites or get 100 links from low authority sites. This idea not only helps you to get improvements in your rankings but also supports up the requirement of Google E.A.T Algorithm as well. Make sure you get contextual backlinks avoid spam links such as (Irrelevant category niche, sites used for linking purposes only, having huge amount external link from a page, etc).

  1. Keyword Planning
Marketing Tips: Keyword Research and Planning For Improved SEO | by Steve  Renner | Medium

The term keyword planning basically means finding out keywords that a user searches for in your industry. As we are discussing about legal and solicitor’s industry, we must know about what people search from their web or mobile phone. If they are looking out for a Personal Injury Solicitor, so they can might search up Personal Injury Solicitors Near Me, Personal Injury Attorney Near Me, Personal Injury Solicitors In London (Area) or they can also go for search string that follows listings like List Of Personal Injury Lawyers. Basic & best way to do keyword planning is that; a solicitor can utilize third party tools like:

  • Ahref’s 
  • Semrush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Rank Explorer
  • Spyfu

If a solicitor can’t cover this method, they can simply higher an On-Page Law Firm Seo expert to do for them. Keyword Planning not only help attorney’s to reach their target audience but also make them aware about their search behaviors and trends as well.

  1. Competitor Footprints
5 Ways You Can Stand Out from Your Competitors

Following your competitor’s strategy as their footprints not just gives an overview upon how to plan your Seo campaign but also helps to overtake your competitors by finding out factors In which they lack. According to Seo experts following competitor’s footprint help them to generate results more quickly and easily. Following footprints gives you guide on many things few are listed below:

  • Backlinks
  • H Tags
  • Seo Title
  • Meta Description
  • Target Keywords & Audience
  1. List Your Attorney In Legal Directories
Directory Submission | SEO services And best website design in India.

Having presence or listing in legal directories redirects traffic to your site. This strategy gives a relevant backlink along with digital marketing or promotion. Many legal directories sponsor the solicitors and attorney by charging via banners, shoutouts, text link. Before choosing a legal directory search out their traffic volume, authority and trust flow. 

Note: This practice can be really helpful in consideration to Off-page Seo.

Bonus In The End

Solicitors should create a Wikipedia page to create and increase their online authority. This will help you to redirect visitors from Wiki page to your law firm; In case if your site is not coming up In the rankings. 


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