When it comes to legal representation, many people shy away from hiring personal injury lawyers because of their historic reputation of being costly. Lawyers used to be a luxury for many back in the day, but affording a high-end lawyer is no longer a problem; this is primarily because of the ‘contingency plan’ that consumers often go for. 

Turner Freeman personal injury lawyers in Adelaide are known for their “no win, no fee” policy, which allows you to have contingency representation. In this article, we will discuss the difference between contingency and non-contingency personal injury lawyers in detail to help you understand the concept better.

What Are Contingency Personal Injury Lawyers

The difference between the two different types of lawyers is reflected in the fee structure they adopt. While some are on retainer, some charge a regular fee, and then there are contingency lawyers who only have to be paid once the case is over. 

In a contingency agreement, you won’t pay the lawyer anything upfront. Instead, you and your lawyer will negotiate a percentage amount of the final settlement you receive. Once agreed upon, the lawyer will invest their own time and money into the case to help you win the case. 

If you don’t manage to win the case or get a favourable decision, you will not have to pay any attorney fee. Hence, contingency person injury lawyers are dedicated to serving your needs above all else, providing their services even if you can’t afford them. 

All risks will be for the lawyer to assume while you only get the reward – a major percentage of it in most cases. Lawyers still hold the right to decline cases, though. In many instances where the lawyers think that the final settlement amount won’t be enough to cover their expenses, they often decline. 

For some cases, personal injury lawyers may negotiate circumstances in such a manner that apart from sharing a small percentage of the final settlement, clients will have to pay for any related expenses incurred for investigations, testimonies, medical expenses, and more; this is known as a partial contingency. 

Apart from Turner Freeman personal injury lawyers, you can find personal injury working on a contingency basis on the following cases;

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Mass property damage and 
  • Class action lawsuit in any industry, 

These cases have the potential for large settlement amounts, meaning that the time and money layers are spending will be well worth it in the end. These cases tend to take longer to settle, though, especially class action lawsuits. 

What Are Non-Contingency Personal Injury Lawyers?

Non-contingency personal injury lawyers are the more common type of lawyers, working either on retainer or charging a fee for the hours worked and expense incurred for acting as the legal advocate for a person. The fee can be either on an hourly basis or a flat fee. 

Non-contingency lawyers seem much more expensive not only because of the fee they charge but also the deposit they need to give (retainer) for the number of hours that lawyer will have to put in; this usually includes hours spent in court. Filing fees, other-expert hourly rate, court charges, travelling expenses, and more are to be paid separately by the client. 

Usually, personal injury lawyers work on a non-contingency basis on cases such as:

For non-contingency personal injury lawyers, the final settlement amount is usually off-limits, meaning it belongs completely to you. Furthermore, you can ask your lawyer to request the judge to award you with the legal fees incurred as well. If you win, you can keep the amount you paid as legal fees and pay the rest to your lawyer. 

How Much Is the Contingency Fee?

Contingency fees for personal injury lawyers in Adelaide depend entirely on your and your lawyer’s negotiation skills. Typically, the total amount payable to lawyers equals one-third of the total settlement amount. 

Non-contingency fees amount to A$250 per hour on average in Australia. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is always a good idea to consult with them about how they will handle the fees for your case. 


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