Nowadays, Instagram is undoubtedly the most productive platform, if you’re aiming to start a new business. As per the recent survey by Instagram Business, more than 1 billion people are actively participating within the business feature of the application every month. This makes up 80% of total users that are interested in the business side of the platform. It is also said that after the Facebook marketplace and YouTube revenue, Instagram has become the third widely used social media platform, and almost 60% of people visit the platform every single day. 

Like every business, the law needs to be promoted and advertised as there are many outstanding lawyers around every corner. If you want to stand out among them you need a marketing strategy for law firm; for this Instagram can help you with that. In this article, we’ll be suggesting the ways of using Instagram to promote your law firm.

Starting with law firm marketing on Instagram

Before establishing your law firm’s presence on Instagram, it is important to get to know about different features of the app. All you have to do is go to the app store as per your smartphone and download the Instagram app. Now, you have to create an account based on the company’s name. It is important to keep the name unique for proper brand building. Through this, you’ll get to know your audience and have a decent knowledge of their requirements. Not only that but you’ll also find out more about the factors affecting the Instagram marketplace.

The next step is to follow the famous people and popular organizations related to your field. You will see their system of promotion and can view them as your competitors. This step will make you aware of the strategies of some reliable law firms and other similar organizations. After going through all this and strengthening your research approach, you’re ready to put the first step towards a business account. You need to keep your content similar to your competitor on a strategic level, however, you’ll stand out only when you’re unique.

Creating a business profile

For moving faster towards Instagram progress, you’ll need to shape up the internal strategies of your brand. The major aspects to ponder concerning your business account are the deadline settings, communication strategies, assigning responsibilities, implementing a durable analysis, and protected investments for partners around the globe, all through social media. It is important to keep track of the analysis and mold your strategies accordingly. 

After shaping your internal planning, you’ll need to switch your Instagram account from personal to business. Just tap on the gear icon on the top right corner and switch to a business profile. This setting enables you to achieve some relative insights and productive analysis as per your follower’s ratio. Moreover, you’ll need to edit some business information as well including phone, business hours, business email, location, etc.

Tips for using Instagram for marketing your law firm

After setting up a business account for your law firm, you’ll just need to apply these tips and tricks within your routine posting and interactions.

Create & promote custom hashtags

You have to create a prominent hashtag for your law firm. This will not only help you to promote your brand to different platforms but also create all sorts of awareness. Most brands aren’t aware of the correct usage of hashtags. It is crucial to ensure that you are using it the right way and sharing it will the relevant to the content, in your case, law.

These hashtags can be implemented in your physical business too. With your receipts and advertisement slogans. You can introduce it to your influencers and show it prominently at the events held by your law firm. You can also tell your Instagram followers directly to use it for integrating offline and online campaigns.

Talk more about your firm

People want to know more clearly about what you do! The key to sustained marketing lies in three Cs. It comprises creativity, clarity, and consistency, helping you in building carved brand awareness that is unforgettable by any of your followers on Instagram. If you have a haphazard and non-systematic approach, you are more likely to fail.

You have to put your concern on the main points and highly important ones. It includes crafting different platforms of making your photos look fresh, creating an overall theme of your profile. You can also learn the correct use of hashtags and different story styles. Not only that, but you also have to carry out regular interaction with your followers to show loyalty.

All this can be done through proper road mapping the best practices for Instagram. This way, you can quickly bring a consistent and positive image of your brand.

Catchy captions go a long way

Law firms usually keep their theme boring and more corporate looking. However, you can make your account unique by elevating your caption game. This can boost your attempt in gaining more audiences. Don’t just rely on one-liners or classic hashtags used by people frequently. Imply the latest trends and slogans, combining them with hashtags make it shine more. Keep up with creativity within your captions as most followers can get annoyed easily when brands are using typical captions more often.

Indulge with your followers

If you want to gain popularity among people, then you have to be trendy. Just keep updated with popular conversation trends and try interacting with your followers through it. These could be current affairs, non-controversial political matters, occasions, etc.

Keep your Bio updated

People love brands who stay active on their social platforms, rather than those, who just post a few things and leave. If you want your law firm to outsmart others, then you have to learn to gain the most out of everything. Take the URL for example; you can change the URL on your Instagram bio every week. This will keep your followers updated on the juiciest matter happening within your industry.


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