Currently in Ireland the use of electric scooters has been regulated by The Road Traffic Act 1961 elaborates electric scooters as a vehicle that propels with means of electric source. However with ever increasing modifications in every sector, has given the heights of new innovations with such turning changes of advancement the law itself needs to be regulated. For the matter of justification, here one might wonder that all the electric scooters that take manual propulsion at the start of the vehicle are still a MPV device? and does it follow the very guidelines, restrictions, discipline, sanctions and legal formalities proposed in The Road Traffic Act 1961? From all the mentioned spectrum of varying standpoints here we are going to elaborate a comprehensive overview on Ireland’s Electric Scooter Laws.

Electric scooter laws on a private road and its rundown

The new law about electric scooters or personal light weight vehicles is all about to regulate their use efficiently. With reference to the current state of circumstances Ireland is all primed in making an even pace with other neighbouring European countries to put effectively in use these devices with possibly undemanding requirements. In demonstrating the question; are Electric Scooters Legal In Ireland? According to the facts with reference to the draft legislation, the new legislative law will not be requiring any of the applied formative composites of a vehicle insurance, taxation, driving licence and other legal formalities. All when using electronic scooters not on a public road.

Electric scooters laws on a public road

However considering electric scooters as personal lightweight vehicles the new legislative law requires every kind of legal practice while using them on a public road. As a matter of instance, that includes charges for driving on public roads, insurance coverage and a driving licence.

General review on electric scooter’s definition according to the law

The proposed draft of the indebted Bill considers electric scooters as bicycles and further defines the subject of electric scooters as devices that form up a specified category of PLEV. That originally means a lightweight transport with propulsive supply of electricity used for personal usage(one person at a time). Further the bill demonstrates the controversial debate on manual propulsion. As any of the PLEV that does come up manual start or paddles are not subject to as an electronic scooter.

  • Age limit

As to hold off reckless circumstances and events every other law has its viable aspects as to obviate supposedly harmful terms of events. Decidedly, the officially determined age at which you are allowed under the very drafted legislation to use a personal motorized scooter is the age until they’re mature enough to handle electric scooter. The exact age which the law determines is a age of sixteen and onwards.

  • Number of riders and passengers

palpably it goes without saying that electric scooters are distinguished as motorised powered stand-up vehicles designed to carry loads on smaller scale. That is why they are categorically self defining as a mode of micro-mobility. It stands to reason that only a single person at a time can be using these lightweight electric vehicles. However the law has most surely its well established sanctions while disobeying its decree.


In the recent time period alone the sale of powered transporters have drastically increased in all across the second-largest island of the British Isles. Moreover, the very manual propulsive vehicles come up with incomputable interests of budget friendly policies that ultimately means a cost effective investment while travelling within urban sites. Effectiveness in parking, portability and deduction of harmful chemicals are one of the prime reasons for its sales. In fact international scooter rental companies are desperate in introducing their services to the third-largest island in Europe. To the very grounds, Ireland’s new law on electric scooters is all organized and equipped to meet modernized shifts.


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