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What You Need to Know About Temporary Buildings Planning Permission

Real EstateWhat You Need to Know About Temporary Buildings Planning Permission

Once you learn about the benefits of investing in temporary buildings for your business, you will probably consider them at some point. Modular structures come in handy, especially since many enterprises are seeking to expand their workspace to meet the new health safety requirements because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is essential to seek temporary buildings planning permission if you plan to utilize them for over a month. The same case applies if the structure is larger than a hundred square meters.

Keep in mind that if you fail to get planning approval from your local authoritative body, you will likely face several inconveniences as soon as your project begins. For instance, if a dissatisfied neighbor sends a legal complaint to law enforcers, your building will probably have to be relocated or completely removed. To help you avoid any setbacks, here’s what you need to know about temporary buildings planning permission.

Who Handles the Task?

The owner of the land is responsible for making sure that temporary buildings planning permission is attained before setting up the structure. To help you avoid wasting time and resources, it is advisable to seek an architect or planning consultant to help with the project. Other individuals prefer using planning applications and websites. If your land is around a national park, involve National Park authorities for planning.

Why Get Planning Permission?

Discuss all concerns with your consultant. Before seeking planning permission, kindly go through the following questions with your planning officer:

i. Does my temporary structure cause any adverse or positive impacts to the environment and adjacent properties?

ii. What are the dimensions, layout, exterior aesthetics, and elevation of the structure?

iii. Are infrastructures such as roadways and water supply available?

iv. Does the Highways Authority have any cause to dispute your structure?

v. Does my plan sync with the local development program?

Your planning consultant will assist you in understanding the different regulations you need to observe when starting your project. You can browse around this site for an in-depth look at these laws. The planning consultant will find the best ways to reduce the impact on the neighboring properties.

What Is the Right Budget?

When budgeting for temporary buildings planning permission, you need to focus on getting the best planning consultant available. Charges depend on various factors and range from five hundred to seven hundred euros. When you include paperwork and other expenses, you will probably spend over a thousand euros. Consider the fines and penalties for setting up your structure without following the right channels.

Will the Building’s Lifespan Affect Your Application’s Outcome?

A shorter lease duration can impact the planning outlook, but other elements can dictate temporary buildings planning permission, especially if you are in a conservational area. If you wish to lease for a longer period than that which is on your approval, you can re-apply once the current one ceases being functional.


This article should prove useful and insightful if you had an interest in understanding temporary buildings planning permission and what the process requires. You can apply for approval, but it’s advisable to let a professional handle it. He or she will ensure that your project starts and runs smoothly while fully complying with local regulations. To get value for your money, analyze your options before settling for a planning consultant.

Since many businesses price their structures, it is only right to ensure that you do not break any rules when modifying or setting up new structures. Consider your environment and surrounding properties to avoid upsetting any neighbours. Once you have a planning office by your side, you should find the project running fast and smoothly.

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